Medical collection bills can become a big problem to our credit report. Though many people have healthcare insurance or medicaid, they tend to ignore the medical bills they receive by mail.

The most common reason for ignoring those bills is because they assume that since they provided their insurance information when they went to see their Doctor, those bills they receive by mail must have been sent by mistake. Well guess what?, if you receive any medical collection letters is for two reasons, the billing department was too lazy to file a copy of your insurance card and later on it’s easier for them to just place your account in collections and send you a letter or they billed your insurance company, but the more the merrier, and since some people just pay bills when they get them, it wouldn’t hurt them if they billed you twice and you pay them twice. That’s a huge scheme not monitored by any government agencies to protect the consumers. Since nobody is questioning their billing methods, they earn billions of Dollars extra for already paid medical bills. I personally know of a medical office that sends invoices to Medicaid for treatment they never provided to my 90 Year old other, all because at one point my mother went to that Doctors office, saw a few Doctors, then she left to her Country, till this day we receive Medicaid statements of Bills they paid her Doctors for services provided while she was out of the Country, how is this even possible?, easy, misleading greedy Doctors of which this Country is full of, yet since no government agencies investigate them, they’ll ruin your credit. I have my own personal experience with medical collections. 5 Years ago I went to my nearest urgent care facility with very strong abdominal pain, I didn’t have Healthcare insurance back then, I asked the front desk how much did I have to pay to be seen via the emergency department, she said if I paid $400.00 right there I was covered. I paid the $400.00 and 30 days later I received an invoice for $2894.00, I immediately called and after waiting for 45 minutes on hold, then got transferred to seven different agents, finally one agent told me to ignore that invoice, it was a mistake. Really?, what if I had the money and just paid it without questioning it? they try. What if I didn’t call them, and didn’t pay them?. This is when they report it to your credit report and you will find out years later when you apply for credit and by then you will not remember which Doctor you saw last. Fortunately, we can delete all those medical collection accounts from your credit report.