Sign up for Credit building guidance. This membership is good for those that have
never had credit. Through this membership you will be able to obtain guidance on:

  • How to get your first credit card.
  • How much to pay each month towards your credit card to start building a good credit score.
  • You will learn the significance of having different loans and why is important to have a variety of loans such as “Installment accounts” versus “Revolving accounts” Auto loans, mortgage loans, student loans, etc. All these make a different impact towards your credit score.
  • what are positive accounts on your credit report and what are negative accounts
  • this membership is also good for those that do have credit, do not have any negative accounts and still have a low credit score. We can help you improve your credit score just by looking at what you are doing wrong.

This membership is good for those that believe that we all need a mentor when it comes to things we don’t have any knowledge. Click here to sign up for your own credit mentor for just 49.00 to sign up and 19.99 a month to ask us anything you want about credit whenever you want