Judgments or liens are reported on your credit report under the Public Records section. Judgments are lawsuits against you in a court of law for which you never appeared to defend yourself in court when you were served by mail or in person or you appeared and lost your case. Judgments can affect your credit for up to 10 Years. However, the bad thing about judgments is that if you ignore them, the plaintiffs attorney has up to 24 Years to garnish your wages through your employer without prior notice or to freeze your existing or future checking or savings account without warning. Though we can delete judgments from your credit report, the debt is still there and they can still come after you later on. When we see a judgment on a clients report, we give them very easy instructions to take care of the judgments without having to pay for them, legally. So far 100% of our clients have won their cases in court after contacting us for instructions on how to do it. The same applies for tax liens.